T1A01 (D) [97.3(a)(4)] For whom is the Amateur Radio Service intended? A. Persons who have messages to broadcast to the public B. Persons who need communications for the activities of their immediate family members, relatives and friends C. Persons who need two-way communications for personal reasons D. Persons who are interested in radio technique solely with a personal aim and without pecuniary interest

A) isn't correct because you aren't allowed to broadcast to the public. You may hop on a channel and look for other people to talk to, but you can't just start reading your manifesto unless you're speaking to an individual person. You can arrange a "net", though, and speak to a group of people. B) isn't correct because amateur radio isn't just for you and your friends/family, frequencies have to be shared. C) isn't complete enough, you need to be acting "without pecuniary interest". A teacher employed by a school can use a radio while on the clock, but in virtually every other instance a person can't use amateur radio frequencies while they're being paid to use them.

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