The T0C section covers RF hazards; radiation exposure, proximity to antennas, recognized safe power levels, exposure to others.
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What type of radiation are VHF and UHF radio signals?
Non-ionizing radiation


Which of the following frequencies has the lowest Maximum Permissible Exposure limit?
50 MHz


What is the maximum power level that an amateur radio station may use at VHF frequencies before an RF exposure evaluation is required?
50 watts PEP at the antenna


What factors affect the RF exposure of people near an amateur station antenna?
Frequency and power level of the RF field
Distance from the antenna to a person
Radiation pattern of the antenna
All of these choices are correct


Why do exposure limits vary with frequency?
The human body absorbs more RF energy at some frequencies than at others


Which of the following is an acceptable method to determine that your station complies with FCC RF exposure regulations?
By calculation based on FCC OET Bulletin 65
By calculation based on computer modeling
By measurement of field strength using calibrated equipment
All of these choices are correct


What could happen if a person accidentally touched your antenna while you were transmitting?
They might receive a painful RF burn


Which of the following actions might amateur operators take to prevent exposure to RF radiation in excess of FCC-supplied limits?
Relocate antennas


How can you make sure your station stays in compliance with RF safety regulations?
By re-evaluating the station whenever an item of equipment is changed


Why is duty cycle one of the factors used to determine safe RF radiation exposure levels?
It affects the average exposure of people to radiation


What is meant by "duty cycle" when referring to RF exposure?
The ratio of on-air time to total operating time of a transmitted signal

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