The 6 meter band is also the 50 MHz band. 50.0 to 50.1 is a CW only portion, while 50.1 to 54.0 is for RTTY/data, and phone/image. The whole band is usable by those with the following amateur licenses: Technician, Advanced, General, Extra. The 6 meter band is the band best suited to communicating via meteor scatter.

Wavelength and Frequency conversionEdit

λ = c/ν

  • λ (lambda) is the wavelength
  • c is the speed of light
  • v is the frequency


6 meters is what frequency?

\lambda=\frac{c}{v} or \text{wavelength}=\frac{\text{speed of light}}{\text{frequency}}
v=50 MHz
6 meters is 50 MHz.

Note that c is meters/second, that λ is meters, and v (nominally expressed in megahertz, or millions of hertz) is simply "/second".

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